Luke Shepard

I use data to tell stories.

What the Chicago school ratings don't tell you

24 October 2018

In the next few days, Chicago Public Schools will release its annual school quality ratings. But parents should know what goes into the rating so they can make an informed decision about school quality.

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Taking a Break

18 August 2018

I’ve worked at software companies for the last 15 years, it’s time for a short break to refresh and get in touch with family and city.

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Building Better Writers with Machine Learning

11 June 2018

Imagine a world where students receive immediate feedback that gives them confident direction on how to improve — yet teachers spend less time grading than they do today. Imagine if, instead of cranking through dozens of papers to discern how their class is doing, teachers receive a daily report on the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Teachers could use the extra time saved to address individual needs of their students one on one.

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What Most Education Startups Get Wrong

15 December 2015

But for education technology companies, conventional metrics are insufficient. None of the standard measures of growth, engagement, financials directly measure student learning outcomes, and many education entrepreneurs have only a vague notion of exactly how their tools impact the students they serve. Why build a product for classrooms without knowing if it improves education and provides more learning opportunities to the students?

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